Unused illustration work based around the theme of "A Driverless Future" made for a blog post for Cruise, a self-driving car company based in San Francisco, CA.

Initial sketches below. The brief involved four different key parts to illustrate but once I came up with sketches, I realized it might work better as one large illustration (as opposed to four). And/or then I could zoom in on each key area once complete.


My rough plan to include 4 key areas to be able to "zoom in" on.
My "sketch over" to help make the city illustration much more futuristic.
Some late "futuristic" sketch-over ideas I started playing with that never got used.

Final illustration (overhead view)

4 "mini scene" zoom-ins

Alternate camera angles (same scene)

Feedback was passed down near the end of that illustration that maybe the overhead view wasn't working. So I started looking at potential ground level camera angles to hopefully help salvage the scene and all the work that had gone into it. Here are some additional renders and ideas from that study.
In order to salvage the scene, I needed to pick the best ground-level camera angle to help illustrate the key concept.

Quick sketch above to show how I achieved this.

Final ground-level illustration:

Bonus WIP / process renders:

Early attempts at how to show LiDAR tech being used to help detect people, objects, etc.

Two bonus renders using Octane (well after the project was scrapped).

Final wireframes for both scenes/views.
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