Secret Level Films reached out with a last-minute project to help design a frame to be used in a 2-second animation clip as part of a larger promo for Hexo / Never Jaded, a recreational cannabis company in Canada. To get it animated in time, I collaborated with motion graphics designer Chris Moberg who did an amazing job bringing it all to life.

Can see some of the process below and the final promo here. Be sure to check out the final animation that involved work from several other artists each responsible for animating a different themed frame.

Original sketch (provided by SLF)


Final still frame for proof of concept. At this stage, I handed off the 3D assets to Chris to animate.

Final animation brought to life by Chris Moberg.

Final promo complete with all of the other artists that contributed different themes. Can also see on the Never Jaded Instagram page here. Can also see the list of contributing artists and names of each of their themed clips at link.

Bonus unused renders / behind the scenes
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