The DoSeum
San Antonios' Museum For Kids

Worked with Meredith Doby (VP of exhibits) at The DoSeum Children's Museum in Antonio, TX to create some interactive artwork for their new exhibit "Dream Tomorrow Today" that opened June 2, 2018. Can see more info on the website.

My work was for two different areas of the exhibit.

1. "Future City Labs" - I created 18 AR scenes that children could interact with to create the "perfect" city. 

"Using an augmented reality platform, kids and families will see how different community values create buildings, places, and services like hospitals, schools, and more. Kids will see how their values shape the way their city looks and the lives of the people within it!"

2. "Role Play!" - I created five large-scale green-screen backdrops for children to visualize their role in the future.

"Costumes aren’t just for make-believe! Kids can dress up in the uniforms and clothes that help them to imagine their role in the future. Hop in front of our green screen to play out different scenarios—on a city street, park, or house of the future!"

1. "Future City Labs" - 18 AR scenes
The original brief given to me by The DoSeum for Part 1 (18 AR scenes)
My original sketches with feedback / image references feedback from the client.
Brand colors provided by client

Process (early grayscale render + final for each)
Public Art
Virtual Festival
Social Media
Community Center
Town Hall
Science Center
Walking Trails
Urban Garden
Outdoor Exercise
Doctor's Office
High Speed Rail
Flying Car
Transportation Center

A few of the scenes viewed in augmented reality (AR)! Development (and photo credit) by Indestry. Can read more about the AR development on their site here. Also imbedding a few of their videos from their post here.
Can download the free app on the App Store here.
Can download the free app on the Google Play Store here.

The AR part even made it onto the local news channel!

Photo credit Molly Cox

2. "Role Play" - 5 green-screen scenes
"At Home"
"City Street"

Pictures from the opening event. (courtesy of The DoSeum)

Can read about some of the press here.

Behind-the-scenes stuff

Built a sprite sheet for each of the five GS scenes for the client to implement separate moving parts easier.
Original green-screen layout template provided by the client early on. This was probably the hardest part of this project just lining everything up right in each of the five scenes to work with the green-screen parameters. 
Early green-screen template I made to try and make building five scenes a bit easier as I went.
Notes from the client to help line up green-screen item placement
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