Red Robin "Burger World" Kids Menu
"Burger World" kids menu for Red Robin.
Apple "New Game" Today Tab
Illustration made for Apple. Today tab for "New Game" category in Taiwan App Store.
OpenAI "Retro Contest" Illustration
Illustration for OpenAI's "Retro Contest"
Cargo Ship - Commission
Private commission for a cargo ship illustration.
Osmo - Kid's Racing Game
Concept art for Osmo's racing game for kids.
Illustrations for the Gridspace website.
Twitch - Collaborations w/ Matt Gravish
Animation collaborations with Matt Gravish for Twitch.
Conference Mural for Abe AI
10' x 10' mural for Abe AI.
Twitch Video Game Islands
Series of video game-inspired islands for Twitch.
TwitchCon 2016
Illustrations for TwitchCon 2016.
Amazon Vehicles "Santa's Sleigh" 2017
2017 Santa's Sleigh design for Amazon Vehicles.
Amazon Vehicles "Santa's Sleigh" 2016
Amazon Vehicles "Santa's Sleigh" 2016.
Talkabot ATX Mural for Howdy AI
Mural for Howdy AI's Talkabot ATX conference 
Twitch 2015 Holiday Card
Illustrations for the 2015 Twitch holiday card.
Twitch 2016 Retrospective
Level designs for the 2016 Twitch Retrospective interactive mini-game.
Twitch 2015 Retrospective
Illustrations for the Twitch 2015 Retrospective.
Hexo / Never Jaded "eSports" Scene
eSports frame for a 2-second animation for Hexo / Never Jaded promo video.
Twitch 2014 Retrospective
Illustrations for the Twitch 2014 Retrospective.
The DoSeum Kid's Museum "Dream Tomorrow Today" Exhibit
Interactive (AR + green-screen) artwork for the "Dream Tomorrow Today" exhibit at The DoSeum, San Antonio's Museum For Kids. Opened June 2, 2018.
Milwaukee Film Festival - "House" Sticker Project
Sticker design for the short film, The House Is Innocent, playing at the 2015 MKE Film Festival.
Kapstone Paper Website Illustrations
Illustrations for Kapstone Paper Company.
The North Face - "Homestead" Collection, Spring 2016
Low-poly pattern design for the 2016 "Homestead" Collection from The North Face. Tent + sleeping bag.
SNCF - Défi Ingénieurs 2 (Engineers Challenge #2)
SNCF - Défi Ingénieurs 2 (Engineers Challenge #2)
Sparebanken Sør Bank - 'Home Loans'
'Home Loans' illustration for Sparebanken Sør, a Norwegian bank.
MakerBot 'Famous Flyers' Header Illustration
Illustrations for MakerBot's new 'Famous Flyers' model collection.
Hasbro - Game of Life / Magic the Gathering
Illustrations for two of Hasbro's brands, Game of Life and Magic the Gathering.
McGraw-Hill Textbook Illustrations
Twitch 2014 Holiday Card
Illustrations for the 2014 Twitch holiday card.
Hexarden (Game Concept Art)
Concept art for Flippfly's new upcoming puzzle game, Hexarden.
Kowloon Dairy "Fresh Milk" Campaign – visuals
Five large illustrations for Kowloon Dairy's "Fresh Milk" campaign.
Kowloon Dairy "Fresh Milk" Campaign – web & print
How Fresh is "Fresh"? In order to educate and define the meaning of "real freshness", Kowloon Dairy wants to launch a campaign and reaffirm that it is the only dairy brand in Hong Kong that can check all the boxes to bring "truly fresh milk" to the customers.
GIPHY TV - Logo animation
Made a gif for the newly-refreshed GIPHY TV with the help of Dark Igloo.
Modern Home - Commission
A commissioned piece for someone's home. Printed at 20" x 20" and displayed inside the owner's home.
Lifetouch - 2014 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree Book
Two illustrations for Lifetouch's '2014 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree' book.
Landscape Studies (Client: Confidential)
Conceptual artwork for a scrapped project. Client: confidential.
CampJS - Sticker/T-Shirt Design
Sticker/t-shirt illustration for Camp JS.
Weetakid - Wheat Field Mural
An illustration commissioned by BBH-London to be printed in-house as a mural in celebration of Weetakid.
Amplify - Educational Tablet Illustrations
Conceptual illustrations for Amplify, an educational service using tablets in schools.
Youngblood Brass Band "Pax Volumi" Cover Art
Commissioned re-design of Youngblood Brass Band's cover art for their album, "Pax Volumi."
Office Building
Office building visualization for Fairly Painless Advertising.
Red Robot Labs (Game Concept)
Game concept work commissioned by Red Robot Labs.
'HomeWater 101' - Home Illustration
Visualization for Hiebing's 'HomeWater 101' concept.
Sureify Auto Insurance
Illustration for Sureify auto insurance.
Racetrack iOS Game Concept
Racing video game concepts for an iOS game that was never realized.
War iOS Game Concept
War video game concepts for an iOS game that was never realized.
Market Basket Site Illustration
Illustrations for Market Basket grocery store.
Othercastles Treehouse Commission
I was commissioned by Lasse Olsen to create a treehouse illustration for his blog, Othercastles.
Doha, Qatar Skyline Commission
I was commissioned by The Film House to make a large 6' x 4' mural of their proud city, Doha, Qatar.
Buster Bash (Level-Select Design)
In-game level select screen designs for 'Buster Bash.' The official iOS game of Buster Posey.
Symbolicons Robot Redesign
Robot redesign for Symbolicons.
Beach Party
Scrapped beach party scene. Made in 2014.
An island visualization for an explainer video.
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